like a cd?? that u could buy??? unacceptable

a cd made of paper and ink and tears

4 years im still fucking Weeb trash hey

4 years im still fucking Weeb trash hey

guess what i found today in the book store

its hatsune mix

was reidan a revamp of raiden or am i just
  • not rly i just still rly like the name reidan/raidan and im emabarrased of my weeb past
which of your ocs are most prone to getting into physical fights? what about arguments?
  • narcyz and nath get into a lot of physical fights. they must win.
  • narc will also pick arguments with people (as well as fights)(nath never tried to start anything it just happens)
  • sissy picks verbal arguements with anyone. if things start to turn physical shes outtie pretty fast tho.
  • lane is also prone to getting into Fights because hes a fucking idiot and gets confused and gets violent very fast. also if he doesnt get something he wants when he wants it. hes 5
  • clocks picks fights and arguements with Everyone they’re in it for blood
  • lottie gets into a lot of arguements she is queen
i remember following you when ash still had long hair
do any of your ocs have a habit of eating their own skin or hair?
  • hero has been known to eat her skin. mostly around fingers. roland cuts her nails so she wont scratch herself but it rly rly upset her and she bites the fingers
  • sissy chews her hair a lot. shes also prone to finger biting more as a nervous habit tho
  • lane chews fingers and lips and. bruhs tried actually eating himself rip in pieces asshole
  • alice chews her hair sometimes to. not because shes nervous or anything She just uses this rly nice conditioner and it smells wonderful and

sis fucking loves u

canon: sissy referring to elspeth as the mothership

elliott crying into hero’s boots as narcyz takes hero away, Narc narc elliott. narc narc.

elliott crying into hero’s boots as narcyz takes hero away, Narc narc elliott. narc narc.


an au with ash elliott and catshops hero and sis in a daycare. theyre all babies

hat and val are the day care watchers and everything is adorable

ok yeah but i rly love shipping my ocs with freinds ocs and making Fun aus and stuff i love theat

which ocs most desire physical intimacy? which ocs avoid it the most?
  • narcyz rly rly rly enjoys physical intimacy. not even rly sex hes? he doesnt actually like sex all that much unless its? someone he actually cares about in that way its. yeah. he just rly rly rly likes to be close to people. dont leave me alone.
  • hero rly likes to be close to other people and hugged and kissed and all that. cuddle stuff. hold her. a baby doll.
  • sissy avoids a lot of it. she doesnt like being touched rly. exceptions are hero narcyz nath and alice. love those guys. she also hates anyone tryna carry her and anyone tryna carry or touch hero. people are bad and hurtful and they are soft babies
  • rolands rly about physical intimacy to? or is he. we dont know


hey its catshop with a new commission sheet with updated prices and examples

some stuff:

things i cant draw:

  • mecha/heavy machinery (i have very little experience in it if its something simple then maybe)
  • porn/explicit nudity/fetishes(im under 18 and i have 2 younger sisters and work out in The open)
  • animals (theres some exceptions)

terms of service under the cut

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